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Safari Learning Station™ Ages 6-36 months

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Safari Learning Station™ Ages 6-36 months
Safari Learning Station™ Ages 6-36 months
Safari Learning Station™ Ages 6-36 months

Available colors

Product OverviewSafari Learning Station™ Ages 6-36 months

Explore first words, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, music and more with an activity center designed to adjust and grow with your child.

Curriculum: Various

Publisher: LeapFrog

Adjustable arch

Change the position of the arch so little ones can sit, stand or crawl under it.

Three play modes

Choose Music, Explore or Learn modes to hear safari music, help kids learn first words and explore shapes, animals, numbers, counting and colors.

Giraffe, lion and zebra

Push the letter and number buttons on the Giraffe and Zebra and Lion’s LED screen will show you what they look like.

Light-up piano keys

Press the piano buttons and discover shapes and colors while making music.

Monkey ball ramp

Push the colorful balls through Monkey’s tail to watch them roll down the ramp.

Chameleon colors

Spin Chameleon’s tail to see a rainbow light show.

Dangling leaves

Pull on the leaves to count from 1-5 along with Lion.

Butterfly wings

Turning the wings of the butterfly introduces colors and butterfly facts.

  • Product dimensions:  27.56W x 22.44H x 12D
  • Animals
  • Colors
  • Music & Rhythm
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Spanish
  • The Alphabet